A creative production team whose mechanics and technical staff remain invisible to your guests, offering you real peace of mind. A large number of Featured Acts of all kinds are needed. A typical showband instrumentation consists of alto sax doubling on clarinet and flute, tenor sax doubling on clarinet and flute, trumpet doubling on flugelhorn, trombone, piano, keyboards, guitar, electric bass doubling on double bass, drums and percussion. All musicians, entertainers and technical staff interested in working on cruise ships and seeking work should speak with us. As a unmatched specialty worldwide, we also offer our clients stage rigging and structure assembly, acrobatic rigging and specialized systems, chemical and mechanical anchor installation, rigging inspection, outdoor aerial portal, engineering services and rescue system training. Because of our vast network and experience, we are your best connection to the cruise industry. Beyond the allure of discovering the world for the adventurous soul, entering exotic ports from the ocean can change the way you see the world. Cirque Du Soleil approves our recruiting process because we establish a strict standard for all key evaluation criteria and we do this anywhere in the world. Contact us if you are a pianist, saxophonist, guitarist, drummer, trumpeter, trombonist or bassist. Cruise lines, hotels, casinos and other entertainment venues seek us out because they know that our connections and ability to match opportunities with performers is second to none. Dancers usually perform as part of a full cast of singers and dancers on stages in hotels, casinos, cruise ships, clubs and theaters all over the world. Drawing on Montreal's renown circus acts, talent and resources, our shows deliver the right blend of controlled madness to create intense emotions of awe, fear and delight. Each production candidate goes through a rigorous live audition process. Excellent wages are provided for world-class virtuoso instrumentalists with their own show ultimately leading to a standing ovation. For over 20 years Proship has been the recognized leader in finding musicians of every variety pioneering an international scouting process unmatched to this day. Great entertainment has become a paramount offering for world-class festivals because their clientele expects the best the world has to offer. It is imperative to have the right talent and concepts required by theme park cultures. It's now time to showcase you talent to the world! It's time to play the music; it's time to light the lights. Most of today's cruise ships are equipped with many different entertainment venues such as extravagant theaters, quaint cigar lounges, elegant atriums and plush restaurants each boasting an incredible variety of talent. Once hired, our contracting department will support you through the entire logistics process assisting you with physical examinations, visas, rush passports, background checks and contracts. Our client list includes the major cruise lines such as Celebrity Cruises, Holland America Line, Princess Cruises, Cunard Line, Crystal Cruises, Regent Seven Seas Cruises, Compagnie Des Iles Du Ponant, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Windstar Sail Cruises and many more. Our clients employ experienced stage manager well versed with the art of lighting and sound. Our objective is to simplify the casting process. Our recruiting methods have consistently yielded a higher quality entertainment staff, more compatible groups, a positive atmosphere and a high renewal ratio. Our showgirls are a celebration of femininity. Our shows are a celebration of femininity, sensuality, glamour and beauty, featuring elaborate choreography, technical expertise and artistic direction that will enthrall your audience. Our shows will dazzle your audiences. Our staff of experienced performers who understand your abilities and desires are dedicated to finding you an opportunity to earn good money and perform in world-class international venues. Our team of experts will design, plan, and build spectacular stages for the theater, arena or big top. Our twenty-plus year track record is a testimony to the patronage and support of our industry clients and, of course, our exceptional roster of talent. PerfectCast takes the guesswork out of finding the entertainers that are perfect for you. Please register with us if you are trained in ballet, jazz or tap-dancing. Proship can create an ambiance and entertain audiences with a single harpist, a guitar intermissionist, an accordionist or a cocktail pianist. Proship delivers an unmatched customer experience, providing performance staffing and entertainment services for world-class venues and career opportunities to outstanding individuals worldwide. Proship Entertainment is the world's leading agency hiring onboard musicians, entertainers and technical personnel for the cruise industry. Proship Entertainment offers the most exotic worldwide destinations and the best accommodations at sea or on land. Proship has been performing international coordination of complete contract processing for staff since our inception, and doing it to the delight of our clients. Proship is the world leader in entertainment human resources. Proship is your worldwide contractor for any position in any venue located anywhere at sea or on land. Proship masters the art of recruiting talent worldwide, creating entertainment that will dazzle your guests, while managing all contractual and administrative issues. Proship’s mission is to supply galas, festivals, casinos, resorts, hotels and cruise lines with the best entertainers and staff available. Sea’s the opportunity. Shipboard entertainment is one of the fastest growing areas in show business today. Shows, animations and technical services are custom crafted for casinos, cruise ships or theaters either for one-night performances or year-round engagements. Stagecraft is the canvas onto which a great performance is painted. Strolling bands, classical or string ensembles usually gather a combination of violin, viola, upright bass, cello, accordion or guitar with optional singing. Take your first cyber step towards an exciting career in one of the fastest growing areas of show business. Take your first step towards working in this exciting musical sector. The Cabaret Singer is an entertainer who performs a feature show in the theater accompanied by the show band. The orchestra is comprised of saxophones doubling on clarinet and flute, trumpet, trombone, bass, guitar, drum, and piano. The orchestra musician is a member of the show’s orchestra performing and supporting all main stage performances. The Showband Musician is part of the main musical group, the Showband, and consists of musicians with excellent sight-reading abilities and good knowledge of repertoire from the 20's through today. There are countless opportunities for skilled musicians to work all over the globe. There is work if you master acrobatic or circus specialties. A wide variety of musicians and musical groups are needed. There are a lot of music jobs, and where there's music, there's Proship. These boats rock. They choose us because we have set the standard in worldwide recruiting, processing and hiring of top-notch entertainment. Together, we provide world-class entertainment to some of the most well known Fortune 500 companies and the global travel industry. Tourist meccas like Dubai and Macao are popping up all over the world and they need high quality performers. Travel the world and get paid for it. Try out our unmatched online recruitment experience. Using Headhunter you get to simultaneously read all artistic, personal and biographical information and you also see and hear them perform in order to judge their qualifications for yourself. We are constantly on the lookout for groups covering lounge, contemporary, top-40, classical, Broadway, jazz or a Latin repertoires. We are equally adept at producing large-scale extravaganzas, unforgettable environments for corporate events or intimate animations for private gatherings for virtually for any circumstance for which you wish to entertain. We are human rigging specialists. We are seeking professional sound, light and stage technician. We are the leading provider of cruise ship jobs for musicians, entertainers and entertainment technicians. We began in 1987 by sourcing entertainment personnel for the cruise ship industry. We communicate efficiently with your candidates, customs, maritime authorities, doctors, and airlines to expedite the process. We conduct private live auditions anywhere around the planet to evaluate each performer we find in order to ensure we only deliver qualified individuals. We find the ideal performance opportunity throughout the world for you or your group. We have established ourselves as the leader in entertainment employment services for the exciting world of international cruising. We hire piano bar entertainers and one-man-bands with big sing-along repertoires that can rock the house. We hire top-notch entertainment professionals and provide them with the best salaries while cruising the most exotic destinations in the world. We offer a wide variety of human resource, show design, and support services to a broad base of industries. We offer high-quality services in all technical aspects of the stage. We offer top-notch entertainment professionals the top dollar and the most exotic worldwide destinations. We provide work for guest entertainers all year round. We provide work, we find employment, jobs and gigs for musicians, musical groups, for showband reading musicians, piano bar entertainers and cocktail pianists, in short any musicians wanting to play in paradise. We recruit lounge singers, vocal virtuosos, rock and roll singers, stage cabaret performer with their own feature show and classically trained show divas. We research, locate, audition, evaluate and prepare your entertainment staff. We scout individuals well experienced in a club, a discotheque or a wedding environment. We seek disk jockeys with knowledge of pop music that encompasses all eras from the 1920’s to today’s hip-hop culture. We seek employers that offer outstanding opportunities and negotiate work conditions that make a difference to you. We seek seasoned disk jockeys versatile and competent with a wide array of demographics. When you're ready for a thrilling escape filled with exotic adventure, give us a call or register on-line today and our ship-experienced staff will guide you every step of the way. Whether you are a musician, dancer, aerialist, cabaret group, singer, dance band, comedian, entertainer, sound or lighting technician, we have the resources to assess your abilities, understand your ambitions and offer you employment that will both reward and thrill you. Whether you are a piano bar entertainer, an acrobat, a disk jockey, a lounge singer, a stand-up comic, a juggler, a solo guitarist, a duo, a trio, a quartet, a variety act, a dancer, a production singer, a audio-visual technician, a harpist or an island band Proship has an opportunity for you. Whether you are an acrobat, a stand-up comedian, mime, contortionist, an aerialist, magician, a puppeteer or juggler, there is always a need for original, savvy entertainment. Whether you work solo or as a group, whether you are a sight-reading musician for the pit orchestra, a member of a contemporary band for a dance club, a string ensemble for a lobby, a solo instrumentalist for the main stage, the hotel, resort, casino and cruise ship industries are interested in your talents. Whether you're a singer, a dancer, a specialty act or a disk jockey, the hotel, resort, casino and cruise ship industries are interested in your talents. You can perform alone or your number can comprise of a solo, duo, trio, quartet, quintet, sextet up to a complete orchestra or chorus line. Your audience will marvel at this sensational adventure of circus, magic and unbelievable artistry.
Proship delivers an unmatched customer experience, providing performance staffing
and entertainment services for world-class venues and career opportunities to
outstanding individuals worldwide.