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Our entertainers make top dollar. The reason is simple: Proship is on your side. Our clients hire Proship to find the best performers there are, so they expect to pay more. We regularly conduct negotiations with our clients. Do we do this because we’re just generous? No. When our clients competitively compensate the entertainers, we get higher quality people willing to take the gigs, and in the end, we deliver better entertainment. It’s a win-win-win scenario.

Proship gets paid directly from its clients, the corporations, cruise lines, hotels, resorts, casinos and other entertainment venues. Not from you*. Unlike other agents who take audition fees, registration fees and other charges from performers, we ask you for no upfront fees of any kind and you'll have no checks to send us before, during or after your completed contract.

Room, board and transportation are usually provided by your employer, so you can save most of what you make. Want to tap into the money that your peers are making right now with us? If so, take a moment to register with Proship and discover how much money you can make with your performance talent.

* Restrictions may apply for specific solo performance/entertainer positions.