If it can’t be found, we build it.

Anybody can send videotape or a web link of someone. But do you require a particular type of band that’s specific to your needs? Are you settling for a musical group that is the closest to your requirements, but not quite an exact fit?

Accept no compromise, Proship has the answer with PerfectCast®, by developing the exact ensemble you’re looking for. You select the repertoire and the band’s make-up, we write the music, find the individual musicians worldwide, and assemble the group first in cyberspace and then live rehearsals in our in-house rehearsal studio in Montréal, Canada.

When fully prepared, we ship your band ready for your venue anywhere in the world. Talk about hitting the ground running! PerfectCast® takes the guesswork out of finding the entertainers that are perfect for you. See them rehearse live on Headhunter, your personal talent evaluation online platform. Get what you are paying for from day one!