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1 What is Proship Entertainment?
2 What do we offer?
3 How is Proship different from other agencies?
4 How many jobs a year?
5 What type of entertainers is the cruise industry looking for?
6 What is our commission rate?
7 What is the starting salary for a cruise ship musician?
8 How do you get paid on board a ship?
9 Do you have to pay taxes if you work on a ship?
10 What are effective strategies when applying for a cruise ship job?
11 Who should do a live audition?
12 Is there an age limit?
13 What’s a cruise ship showband musician?
14 Why does Proship hold auditions?
15 What is the orchestra musician audition?
16 Where does Proship hold auditions?
17 What happens after you have successfully passed your audition?
18 What is the Promotional Package Audition and why does Proship need it?
19 What should I prepare in my Promotional Package?
20 What are the required documents?
21 How do you prepare yourself for the gig?
22 What if you have difficulties throughout your voyage?
23 If you are selected for cruise ship work where will you live?
24 Will you be fully insured when you are on board the ship? What steps need to be taken?
25 Are your instruments going to be insured?
26 What about illegal drugs?
27 What is a Coast Guard inspection?
28 Is there a curfew onboard?
29 Are there restrictions you should know about?
30 Are there required safety drills?
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