What is the Promotional Package Audition and why does Proship need it?
Since Proship hires entertainers and technicians from all over the world, it is impossible to audition/interview everyone in person. Therefore people applying for positions as musical acts, entertainers or technical staff must send us a complete promotional package. The package should include the following:
  • Video: The video must accurately represent you in a live setting. Your video should be of professional quality; the better you sound and look, the more chances you have of being selected. The footage should not exceed 30 minutes in length and should accurately represent your repertoire or qualifications. Comments accompanying the video to the effect that  «...this is an old video and I am much better now..." will not be taken into consideration.
  • Photo: All photos should be 8” x10” or appropriate jpeg with the entertainers or technician in "formal attire" or stage wear.
  • Song list: (Singers, Bands and Soloists) Printed repertoire. Please group the songs by musical style and language.
  • Biography: (Every Artist) A printed biography including a career resume describing your background and experience, and highlights of your last 3 years of professional work.
  • Letters of Reference: (Every Artist) Complimentary letters from previous employers.
  • Web Site: (Every Artist) If you have any material on your personal Web Site, please provide us with the link. We can extract any type of document from it (song list, pictures, video, audio, biography, experience, education).

Before sending us your Promotional Package Audition, please complete the registration form.  
Mail your Promotional Package Audition to:

Proship Entertainment
980 Saint Antoine West #710
Montreal QC Canada H3C 1A8

Note: If you are sending your promotional material from outside of Canada, please indicate: "promotional material/no commercial value/ value of $1 for customs". This will help us minimizing high administrative and duty charges.