What should I prepare in my Promotional Package?
What should I prepare in my Promotional Package? 1. You need a really great video of you or your band; ideally a live video would be best but not 100% necessary. "I don't have a video" is a common refrain, well make one since you will not get a job without one. Avoid videographers, it is better just to have a fixed frame, so a tripod will do and it is much cheaper. Try to run the sound through the board and use the stereo outputs to connect to the camera. Always do a test before making the video so you can get the best sound. If it sounds distorted, or it is clipping, try again. Make sure the balance between voice and instruments is done properly: we want to hear a good mix between your voice, harmonies and the band. If you cannot do this you can use the sound from the camera. Just make sure it sounds good! The best advice before making a video is have your agent take a look at your song list to guide you into making the best video to submit to clients and getting you on a ship.

Party bands and duos should know harmonies are a must, more than one singer is best. Also be able to do Theme Nights, anything from Country, Island, 50's 60's night even Rockaroake, Motown, Classic Rock, Disco, Top 40, you have to be able to do it all! If you do not know all these styles learn them and 4-piece your band will get more work. Be entertaining and energetic! Piano Bar Entertainers must be entertaining! Please have personality! The piano bar entertainer must be a very good pianist and an excellent vocalist. A PBE must be able to start the evening with standards and kick it up with party music, sing-along, theme nights keep a party going in the piano bar! A promo pack should show that you have energy, that you are fun! Your video should reflect all the above.

2. Your song list should be separated by styles. This allows a client to get a good overview of what you are capable of providing stylistically. One thing I do hear a lot is: "I have about 200 songs". Well, that is a good start but try to increase to about 400 to 600. You should be adding to you song list all the time. As passengers get younger remember you have to be on top of everything new and able to take requests. You should know every one of the songs you have put on your song list. Do not put songs on it that you do not know. If you join a ship without knowing many songs and keep repeating the same stuff every night, the passengers will complain soon enough.

3. A resume or biography. Don't fudge, be truthful! A biography mentioning your musical education and experience or the band's experience will catch the client's attention. Previous cruise ship, hotel or casino experience will get you in the door faster.

4. A great photograph showing off the style and quality of your band. Be somewhat conservative. Remember your audience is luxury cruise ship operators. Forget piercing and visible tattoos.