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“Without doubt, the head of HR should be the second most important person in any organization.” - Jack Welch (Winning)

Proship is the world leader in entertainment HR, shouldn’t we be your number one resource? Each production candidate goes through a rigorous LIVE audition process. Cirque Du Soleil™ approves our recruiting process because we establish strict standards for all key evaluation criteria and we do this anywhere in the world.

For over 20 years we have been the recognized leader in finding musicians of every variety pioneering an international scouting process unmatched to this day.  Today, we recruit all talent categories anywhere on earth.  We research, locate, audition, evaluate and prepare your entertainment staff.  And if we can’t find it, we’ll fulfil your needs by building your band to your specifications with PerfectCast®.

Also, we connect you to the world with our A to Z contracting process making your life a lot easier and most importantly, making you shine.  Your traveling candidates can access our 24/7 live emergency travel line to resolve all travel difficulties in transit to your venue.  We deliver on time every time. Don't wait for the present, prepare for the future.