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Technical Resources
Stagecraft is the canvas onto which a great performance is painted.

So, you have your entertainers. They’re qualified, trained and ready to perform. The emotional impact of that performance, however, will be flat without the right talent behind the sound, lights and stage. As a companion to the creation of shows, and to the sourcing of performers, Prodigium is Proship’s worldwide technical leader and partner. Together we provide our clients with a design and training facility delivering the gamut of technical services for the stage, with a specialty in human rigging.

From the construction of sets, the artistry of lights and projections, the design of your soundscape, the video capture of your spectacle, to the creation of animated human rigs for your aerial acts, our team will deliver technical services and technicians you can bet your life on. Most importantly whom are you going to entrust with your human rigging expertise for your aerial acts? As a unmatched specialty worldwide, we offer also offer our clients stage rigging and structure assembly, acrobatic rigging and specialized systems, chemical and mechanical anchor installation, rigging inspection, outdoor aerial portal, engineering services and rescue system training.

Prodigium Technical Services
Sound, lights, action! We offer high-quality services in all technical aspects of stagecraft. Our team of experts will design, plan, and build spectacular stages for the theater, arena or Big Top. A creative technical production whose mechanics remain invisible to your guests that offers you real peace of mind.