Contract Processing
Staffing processes and administration done right.

Processing the paperwork and managing the completion of hiring process, including all travel arrangements, is often a great burden to our clients and is a task they do not wish to handle. Proship has been performing international coordination of complete contract processing for staff since our inception, and doing it to the delight of our clients. Our objective is to simplify the casting process while providing greater peace of mind for all involved in entertainment.

In this day of heightened security and delays at airports, who can you count on to support your candidate throughout the entire recruiting, travel and placement process? Our 24/7 travel emergency line monitors and resolves transportation problems 365 days a year. Organization and infrastructure are the keys to recruiting in advance to keep costs down and reduce unnecessary short-term stress.

  • We deliver superb value. Proship is your worldwide contractor for any position in any venue located anywhere at sea or on land. We have the processes and the resources to exceed your expectations. Yet, we are cost-effective due to the high volume of contracts we routinely process.
  • We are faster. Proship is more efficient than the smaller partner operations because our team of industry savvy experts continuously improves the processes for over 20 years.
  • We are reliable. Proship flawlessly delivers each and every time because we understand entertainment requirements. We communicate efficiently with your candidates, customs, maritime authorities, doctors, and airlines to expedite the process.