A comprehensive online talent evaluation tool.

Evaluate now! Stay in charge until the final decision. Headhunter is Proship’s proprietary online talent evaluation tool available to you around the clock allowing you to personally evaluate the individuals and groups that we propose to you. Headhunter is a revolutionary resource you won’t find anywhere else.

We pre-evaluate each individual through a unique online audition process. You log in to Headhunter to not only read simultaneously all artistic, personal and biographical information, but to also see and hear their performances in order to judge their qualifications for yourself. Proship keeps your decision making to a simple click, 24/7.

Each of our clients obtains an exclusive Headhunter account with its own custom-tailored catalog. Test-drive Headhunter and discover an unmatched recruiting experience. Simply sign in below and immediately experience Headhunter from a random selection from our database.

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